Cafe Femenino

Cafe Femenino Roaster Agreement

To ensure the program is being carried out to its entirety and bringing the program full circle, we require roasters who purchase and sell Café Femenino coffees to follow various guidelines that help uphold the integrity of the program and push social responsibility within business to benefit those who need it most.

  1. Use the Café Femenino® name and logo somewhere in the labeling and marketing of the final product.
  2. Donation  to the Café Femenino Foundation: Roasters are required to donate a minimum of 5 cents per pound of their sales in one of two ways:
    • Donate 5 cents per pound back to the Café Femenino Foundation
    • Split the donation. Minimum of 2.5 cents per pound back to the Café Femenino Foundation and 2.5 cents per pound to a women’s crisis center in roaster’s local community.
  3. Do not blend:  We ask that roasters do not blend Café Femenino coffee with any other non-Café Femenino coffee. This is to keep the integrity of the CF coffee, making sure the logo and the name truly represent the product its placed upon, and making the women producers themselves solely responsible for the coffee in each bag.
  4. Women involvement. We also ask that a woman inside the roaster’s company be in charge of the purchasing and contract signage whenever possible. The reason behind this request is to involve women as much as possible within the full chain, from production to roasting.

Marketing Materials

For roasters that have agreed to the requirements and purchased Cafe Femenino coffee, OPTCO has various marketing materials available which can be used to help design bags, provide more information to clients, or promote your final roasted product. To access labels, printable brochures, and additional information you will need to contact OPTCO to obtain a username and password.

To access marketing materials, please click here.

Cafe Femenino Foundation

The Café Femenino Foundation provides funding to support grant requests from women in coffee producing regions around the world. Foundation volunteers work throughout the year in various fund raising activities that go directly to help women, their families, and their communities. OPTCO is an annual donor and proud sponsor of the Café Femenino Foundation and encourages roasters to join in that support through donations and fund raising events of their own. The Café Femenino Foundation is a 501(c)(3) IRS licensed non-profit organization. For more information please go to