OPTCO, More Than a COFFEE Importer

Since 1990, Organic Products Trading Company has been working directly with small-scale farmers around the world to source high quality green specialty coffee. Our business is built on long-term relationships with Certified Organic and Fair Trade co-operatives as well as conventional farms that focus on improving their communities, their families, and their environment. OPTCO’s mission is to support coffee producers by providing market access, in addition to collaborating on development projects, gender equality initiatives, harvest finance, and quality improvement programs. Join the effort to support coffee communities by sourcing your certified and conventional beans with OPTCO.


Cafe Femenino Breakfast
Meet & Greet 2018

You are invited!
REGISTER HERE for the third annual Cafe Femenino Breakfast Meet & Greet, April 20th, at 8am to 10am in the Northern Lights Room at Hotel Andra. We will have the opportunity to meet, talk, and share experiences with those who are a part of Cafe Femenino network worldwide during SCA 2018.

Featured Coffee: Cafe Femenino Peru

It’s Peru Season! This coffee has deep chocolatey notes that are balanced out by bright citrus acidity and a full, syrupy body. We couldn’t be happier with this coffee, and we think you will love drinking it and sharing the story with your customers too.There are certainly more coffees available now that promote the work of women coffee producers and OPTCO takes great joy in watching a swell of women’s groups receiving recognition and fair compensation for the coffee that they have grown.

Back in 2004, together with our longstanding Peruvian cooperative partner Cecanor, OPTCO and Cecanor together created Café Femenino- a gender-focused program to support social justice and empowerment for women coffee producers worldwide. The first program of its kind to recognize and promote the women who grow coffees, Café Femenino is now recognized as a pioneering force in the coffee industry, and we are proud to feature our Café Femenino coffee from Peru, the original program, as this month’s featured coffee. Cecanor is led by Isabel Uriarte LaTorre, and as a result of her leadership and example, the cooperative now boasts 50 women in leadership positions in its associations and nearly 50% women represented in the membership.

To find out more about the visible impacts have been made in self-esteem, leadership, and participation, education and nutrition levels for children, household infrastructure improvement, and overall respect for women through the Cafe Femenino Program contact us at sales@optco.com or call 360-573-4433 and join the movement!